My New Axe…

So, a few years ago I sold my only true acoustic guitar. A Takamine… I do have a classical, but that’s just not the same. Recently -after some should-be acoustic shows that I played electric- I decided I was going to start window shopping acoustics but not get in a big hurry. I wanted to make an informed decision, look for a good deal, etc… Especially since I’m really happy with all my other guitars and I got good deals on all of them – I don’t want to buy something then become dissatisfied.

Well, after putting my hands all over every acoustic guitar in north Austin I realized I was going to have to shell out the $$ for a brand that is known for excellence. BUT I really hate to spend that much money. (Remember… I always look for deals – like my 335 bought for half the usual price)

A couple of months later I got back into window shopping and decided to try a relatively unknown brand called Laguna. Before I even touched it I noticed the seemingly above average aesthetics… nice inlay, banding around the edges, solid cedar top, nice electronics… but all that stuff does not make a good guitar. From the first strum I got excited. It was easy to play, stayed in tune, was bright and deep at the same time. And the price!! The list was $999, usually sold for $699, but was on sale for $399.

So, here she is… my Laguna LG6CE-RW