Final France Show

My last show in France for ’10 was Friday and it was very nice. It was in the plaza of the little village I’ve been staying in, Allevard. This is also where the bassist, Yaume and his family live.

The crowd was decent. As many as 200… but they were all sitting at the little cafe’s and shops around the plaza, not right up on the stage, so the photos (below) seem a little empty.

I also added a solo gig the night They seemed to genuinely like the show, calling for an encore, buying cd’s, etc…

So all in all it was a really great experience this year. It was really cool to play the festival and even get on the big stage for a few minutes. Met some really great people and grew some existing friendships.

I really want to thank some folks for making this a great 2 weeks:
Yaume Lannoy, his “wife” Celine Dumas and their boy Tom, Micha Paqier, Elie Guegain, Christian Fillet, Jean Louis Hugonnet, Blandine Vincent, Mayor Lucien Stanzione, and the band Dr. Feelgood. And thanks to my family for toughing it out at home while I’m away for 2 weeks.

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