France Blues Fest in July

Yaume and Alex at teh Berlin Wall

Yaume Lannoy and Alex Henley - Berlin Wall

After another change in drummers (sorry Eldridge) I have the opportunity to play with a drummer I respect very much, from France, Micha Paquier. He plays in the group la Jongle des Javas with Yaume. I’ve seen them play live in Grenoble, France and these guys are such a dynamic rhythm section.

Wow! I didn’t know if I could make it work, but thanks to perseverance and the help of friends, I am playing the Au Pre du Blues Fest in Althen des Paluds, France on July 24th 2010. I also have three other shows booked so far, thanks to Yaume’s hard work.

Micha Paquier

Micha Paquier

I was actually supposed to play this festival in ’09 but I had to cancel. I really didn’t know if I’d be able to make the arrangements this year, but luckily I have some help from my good friend Yaume who will also be playing bass with me.

I’ve played in France two other times with Nozoff; the first was in 2006 (Alps Blues Tour), and again in 2009 (Snow and Blues Tour) where we played a few clubs, but mostly ski stations in the French Alps.

If you’re in the neighborhood this summer, I hope you can swing by and see us !